Blaze Estimating offers quantity takeoff services and construction takeoff. We have the best construction estimators for takeoff and accurate cost estimates.

Software For Quantity Takeoff Services 

We use the software below to provide precise construction quantity takeoffs that help our clients with accurate project cost estimates.

  • Bluebeam 
  • RS Means
  • Fast Wrap
  • FastDUCT
  • Planswift 
  • Xactimate 
  • Cost Work 
  • Quest Estimating 

Our construction estimators provide accurate cost estimates using the latest software and tools. This makes budget and project planning easier, thus saving money and time. Our quantity takeoff estimators are knowledgeable and have experience working on many construction industry-related projects. Whether residential, commercial, or both, our estimators can work on any project.

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Quantity Takeoffs Outsourcing Services 

Outsourcing quantity takeoffs service has many benefits, such as relieving the frustration of paperwork. This allows more time to focus on your business while adding value. Getting material estimation that is accurate by a professional estimating company in a quick turnaround time. 

Thus, it saves many expenses, such as simultaneously hiring a full-time construction estimator, compromising accuracy, money, and time. While we provide with 

  • Cost-effective Solutions with a fast turnaround time 
  • Accurate and location-based prices using the latest technology
  • Precise Cost Database 
  • Digital Takeoff and software, ruling out any chances of errors 
  • Takeoff Format is delivered in EXCEL spreadsheets and contains item description, quantity, unit of measurement, and location.
  • Labor Cost and man hours 
  • Marked-up Plans, color-coded with each description and detail properly referenced in our quantity takeoff drawings.

Our Main Services include: 

Commercial Estimating

Residential Estimating

Industrial Estimating

Electrical Estimating

Plumbing Estimating

Mechanical Estimating

Cost Estimating

Building Estimating

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Our Process for Construction Takeoffs:

  1. Submission of the drawing plans through email is provided below. 
  2. Receive a quotation based on the plans along with an invoice, estimated turnaround time, delivery date, and list of payment methods. 
  3. Deliver estimation in EXCEL format either in our template or based on your customized template.

Quantity Takeoff Divisions 

For our clients in the construction trade, such as general contractors, subcontractors, engineering firms, building professionals, architects, and developers, our quantity takeoff services include

Site Work 










Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us professional, trustworthy, and reliable?

We offer many construction estimating project-related services. We aim to provide efficient construction takeoff services to our clients and customers. We act as an extension of your company’s brand, thus ensuring quality and service excellence.

With our 24/7 email support, live chat and call support and fast turnaround time, we are available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our guaranteed, accurate bid estimates allow our clients to win bids.

Offering a refund policy, immediate revisions, and experienced estimators with problem-solving skills. We are a registered company that offers low service charges and free consultations. With an increasing amount of satisfied customers daily only giving positive reviews on our work. 

What is the fast turnaround time for quality takeoff?

Our proficient estimators take a maximum of 3 days before finally delivering the takeoffs. Varying from project to project and even getting them within a day. 

Requirements for professional estimators performing the quality takeoffs  

Using the blueprints of your projects to prepare the exact quantity of takeoff. For submission, anything can be submitted from an initial analysis of the project, which includes drawings.

Our estimators will review all the materials required when preparing material estimates and takeoffs for your next construction project. They will critically and meticulously evaluate the area, size, and other details of the project to provide our client with efficient Quantity TakeOff Services.

What is included in professional quantity takeoff services?

In quantity construction takeoff service, our estimators will provide details for every material required for the construction project. This includes the required labor force and a list of other equipment quantities required to finish the construction project. Our experts will provide a quantifier of the materials, work, and resources that go into completing your next project in your quantity material takeoff services order.