For contractors, we provide preliminary estimate services. Our service will be completed based on your incomplete design. Our preliminary estiamting includes commercial, residential, civil, and industrial estimates for construction takeoff services.

Preliminary Estimate and Why is it Important

Preliminary estimate, also known as conceptual estimate, has many different types. We use location-based data and our special relationship with local lenders to provide accurate bills and material cost estimates. Our preliminary estimates provide accurate commercial, residential, private, or public construction costs. Our experts are focused on providing detailed estimates for construction projects. 

In our services, the cost estimation method consists of total construction cost, quoting prices, material costs, and total project cost, as well as project managers and suppliers making it easy for them to win more bids and projects.  These accurate estimates shed light on clients such as contractors, real estate developers, home builders, project managers, and owners. Through historical data and the latest software version, our proficient estimator goes over project management with a definitive cost estimate for the project.

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Benefits of Preliminary Estimates

During the project’s life cycle, our estimators help with the initial cost, elemental cost plan, and rough historical estimates. The historical estimating provides an approximate cost of material and labor.

Our estimators use and research similar projects for the project’s budget to point out any cost overruns. Our cost management helps to get loans and manage the budget for the proposed project. Setting up project cost limits for architects and designers to ensure the project’s success. For the project’s success, set up cost limits for architects and designers.  The next project planning phase allocates the total cost to negotiate with contractors and subcontractors.

Our Preliminary Cost Estimate Deliverables


Substructures (footings, foundations, etc.)

Superstructures ( brickwork, walls, sidings, roofs, staircase, floors, doors, windows)

External/Internal finishes (flooring, drywall, painting, etc.)


Mechanical (HVAC systems, ductwork, etc.)

Plumbing (pipes, drains, fixtures, etc.)

Electrical (cable, conduit, lighting, etc.)


Man Hours


Project Schedule

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Process of Preliminary Estimates

Before the development, project budget estimates are used to analyze the economic feasibility of the construction projects by using detailed drawing plans. Help our clients, such as contractors, real estate developers, home builders, or owners, make quick project scope decisions. From scanning the funds allocated, setting the preliminary budget, and comparing initial design alternatives, 

At the beginning of any project, preliminary cost estimates are created with the help of actual design and construction plans. Using historical data to create engineering concepts with location, time and size. In the construction industry, cost estimation accuracy depends on the extent of information and detailed drawings provided by clients.

Rough Order Magnitude Estimation

In a project lifecycle, the first thing to do is to estimate using ROM or rough order magnitude estimate. These quantity estimates have accuracy in the range of -50% to +50%. This contributes to the construction project’s selection and allocation. Aiming to investigate the feasibility of the construction project, helping the client save time and money.

Ballpark Estimating Service

Contractors use ballpark estimates to define the project scope for the client. In the actual estimated cost the accuracy of the rough estimate lies within 20%, by assessing the preliminary drawings and specifications shedding light on the problems or future obstacles. Thus allowing the owners to make important decisions at the right time.

Budget Estimation 

When the project comes into the planning stage, a budget estimate defines cost association. With the help of past projects and previous project plans, estimates define major components of the current project. These major components have a detailed estimate for each component with a line of description, including material and labor costs. In actual cost estimates, the accuracy range lies in -10% to +25%.

Definitive Estimates

Definitive estimate,, commonly known as a digital cost estimate, has an accuracy of -5% to +15%. With the help of developed project plans, it is easier to create cost estimates. These plans consist of a detailed list of components involved in the project.