Blaze Estimating offers industrial estimating services for busy contractors. Our experts are proficient in industrial cost estimates, labor costs, labor takeoffs, material costs, and other material cost takeoffs. In project planning, our estimators provide a complete breakdown of industrial projects.

Breakdown of Industrial Estimating Services 

Our lead estimator and engineers analyze the specifications and plans of commercial projects completely. Our qualified and intelligent estimators review every element of the project documents and point out any problems. Our estimators review the commercial projects and estimate the cost of the grounding projects. The latest software can extract data from drawing plans, P&IDs, or PFDs. We create cost proposals using detailed estimates for labor and material takeoffs while considering budget and time restrictions. We estimate costs using zip code-based pricing for material and labor takeoffs.

At the same time, aspects like location, logistics, permits, equipment rentals, contingencies, and various indirect costs are considered in the project planning. These are considered while doing industrial estimation and providing cost management solutions for the managers. 

Having correct and reasonable estimates in industrial construction projects increases winning chances in competitive bids. Our proficient industrial cost estimators make navigating industrial projects easy for general contractors or project managers. With a complete analysis of our estimated costs and comprehensive quantity, takeoffs make the process systems effortless.

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Industrial Mechanical Estimating Services

Our industrial estimating services work with design engineering firms and construction companies on commercial projects in the industry. During the construction project’s life cycle, we track the assessment and management of bid variation order development in construction projects.

We provide material takeoffs, cost estimates, procurement, and cost management solutions for industrial facilities, general contractors, mechanical contractors, piping contractors, piping and duct fabricators, project managers, and engineering design firms. We use our up-to-date resources for specific industrial cost estimation services to estimate costs, procure materials, and manage pricing.



HVAC Systems

Sprinkler Systems

Instrumentation & Controls

Industrial Steel Estimating Services

With industrial estimates and accurate structural steel estimates, we successfully provide services for multi-story buildings and industrial facilities. Our industrial estimates and accurate steel frame estimates also help structural steel contractors and design firms.

Providing a detailed analysis of industrial structural steel, thus helping in planning, bidding, and procurement and minimizing waste that harms the green environment. These construction estimating services are part of the industrial project estimating services, as construction is part of the industrial projects.

Industrial cost estimators give many structural steel contractors a clear picture of the cost. For the precise cost of industrial construction cost estimating services, we examine the takeoffs such as channels, beams, angles, plates, connectors, and other accessories.









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Industrial Electrical Estimating Service

Whether it's new electrical construction, remodeling, lighting, or ground project estimation, our industrial estimators can provide an efficient industrial estimating portfolio to estimate projects and services. With their vast knowledge and experience in industry, along with their industrial electrical estimating services for all types of projects.

Our team of industrial and construction estimators with expertise in electrical system components. Our industry estimates include industrial services such as electrical takeoffs, labor costs, estimating costs, labor estimates, and more. We are making it easy for industrial contractors and financial investors to make the right decisions at the right time.

These electrical takeoffs include:

  • Low Voltage Systems

  • Control Systems

  • Instrumentation

  • Emergency Service Systems

  • Power Distribution

  • Conveying Systems

  • Power & Lighting

  • Solar Power

  • Geothermal Systems

  • Ground-up Projects

Deliverables For Industrial Estimating Services

Our complete package of deliverables includes Excel spreadsheets, including material and labor cost takeoffs with person-hours, equipment lists, and vendor quotes. Our professional industrial estimators provide detailed cost estimates and proposals regarding the project scope, delivered within 24-48 hours.

We accept drawing plans, P&IDs, PFDs, specification plans, and bid deadlines. As listed below, we accept any form of medium. If you have any questions, please contact us using the email or phone number provided below.

For future projects; .PDF, .TIF, .TIFF, .DXF,. DWF, DWG, .PLN, JPG, JPEG, .CPC, .OSX, DJVU, .CAL

Frequently Asked Questions

Before accepting an order, is there a cost for reviewing any industrial project documents?

Viewing any plan doesn’t cost any money. After reviewing, we design a specific plan for the clients. Keep in mind that we offer reasonable and affordable prices for our clients. 

Are NDA required before starting any project?

We keep our clients' information and files private before signing an NDA. We have several signed NDAs on file by clients.

Which software do our experts use for industrial estimating services?

All of our expert estimators use the latest industrial estimating software, such as Planswift, FastPIPE, FastWRAP, and Trimble, to remove any human error or incorrect data and provide accurate and reliable cost estimates for our various industrial estimating projects and upcoming industrial estimating projects.