Any small error or omission can lead to a dollar loss in your project estimations, thus resulting in a loss of bid. Clients need to be careful when choosing construction cost estimating services for bidding for a project, as these cost estimations can determine whether they win or lose a bid

Must Have Construction Cost Estimating Service

Our estimating services for construction costs are based on the clients’ and the project’s requirements. Each engineering firm’s finances and health in the construction industry depend on accurate cost estimation. Therefore, having precise and accurate building cost estimations is essential for bidding on a project. We come in with our proficient cost estimators and the skill and experience to win bids. We understand the market conditions and have comprehensive knowledge of marked-up plans.

Our emphasis on precision and attention to detail makes it easy to manage the project through our ongoing communication with the clients from conception to completion.

We can handle cost estimates for projects of any complexity and accordingly cater to the construction industry’s needs. We guarantee precise cost estimating for every project to save time and money and open up more construction project bids. We can deliver on these promises with our wide range of construction cost estimating services, cost management services, and cost estimator business.

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Why Blaze Cost Estimating Services?

Our cost-estimating services range from setting up the budget and BIM to controlling costs throughout the project’s lifecycle. We review the design documents in depth during the estimation process and analyze the construction process, materials, location, permits, logistics, and other factors. 

Revealing hidden costs that can influence or cause problems in the project cost estimate is also important. Our trade specialist cost estimators ensure the completion of quantity takeoff and that all estimates are up to the standards while complying with the project goals. 

Our communication skills and business relations with many vendors, such as general contractors and subcontractors. After carefully analyzing Abu’s analysis, which aids in developing a highly accurate cost database for labour, material, and equipment costs. 

We employ RSMeans and Craftsman to get zipping code-based prices, which are effective and accurate for cost-estimating processes and services to achieve our client’s milestones.

Our Construction Cost Estimating Include: 

Analyzing the Construction Process

Total One-Time Budgeted Expenses

Planned Expenditures for Ideas

Total Costs to Complete a Project

Conditional Evaluations of the New Order​

Effects of Material Wastefulness on Society

Quantitative Value Engineering Cost Estimates

Insurance Risk Assessment and Cost Estimation ​

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Detailed Construction Cost Estimates For All CSI Divisions

Through our experience working with various clients, such as construction companies, general contractors, and subcontractors, we follow the strict policies of AACE and AIQS. These construction estimating services include professional construction cost estimators who specialize in trade, site work, civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical, along with a lead estimator who covers all the aspects of the project.

Perks of knowing a Cost Estimator ​

Everyone, whether general contractors, builders, or homeowners, relies on accurate cost estimate. Our seasoned estimators and quantity surveyors are skilled in estimating construction costs for various building projects. Our team is fluent in modern cost estimation services software such as PlanSwift, Bluebeam, Microsoft Excel, etc. 

Don’t miss the bidding process or deadline, and hire a cost estimator on a contract basis. Thus, we save money on payroll because of our low prices and fast turnaround on estimates.

Benefits of Outsourcing Cost Estimating Services

During a busy time with so many construction projects in the pipeline, keeping track of time and preparing construction cost estimates for upcoming projects is hard. Due to their overwhelming workload, many contractors pass up potentially lucrative construction projects each month. I am too busy to make more money, win projects, and take care of full estimates to keep submitting bids for the tasks.

Every contractor's enemy is time, which they don’t have for all their projects. We provide construction estimate services and consultation to contractors worldwide, no matter the time. Our whole attention is focused on preparing the bids and operating the company so our clients have time to enjoy and relax. Our professional estimators assist with bids despite the time constraints.

Builders, Developers and Architects

Homebuilders and Renovation Specialists

General & Subcontractors

Renovations, Townhomes

Custom-Built Houses and Houses built-in modules

Remodeling and repairing your home and Renovating and improvising

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any samples or free trials?

We are very happy to provide complimentary examples of our prior estimations. We can send examples through email, contact us, or visit our sample pages. 

Are there any different price quotations?

Our work is based in the commercial, residential, and industrial sectors, and we provide cost estimates for various projects. These include renovations, new builds, high-rises, multi-family, restaurants, retail/warehouse hybrids, and many more. Thus, we provide estimating services to various clients, including general contractors, subcontractors, developers, architects, owners, lenders/banks, appraisers, and insurance companies. The price quotations depend on the quantity of work and time required. 

Can you provide an accurate cost estimate? Why Is Accurate Cost Estimation Important? 

Expert construction cost estimators are crucial as they are essential for construction and quantity surveys through a reliable source dedicated to providing fast, accurate, and dependable quantity takeoff estimates for construction projects of all sizes. 

Delivering fast turnaround consistently, using the latest construction estimating software. Updated with the latest materials pricing available in your area. Allowing effective takeoff of material quantities and accurately estimating projects. 

We use RSMeans, Homewyse, and our historical construction materials pricing database as primary pricing sources. This allows us to compile an accurate labor and material estimate for your construction project and ensure the costs align with the latest ZIP code-based labor and material pricing.

What Are the Different Types of Cost Estimates in Construction?

  • Commercial Estimates 

  • Residential Estimates

  • Industrial Estimates

  • Civil work Estimates

  • Construction Estimates for Public Sector

  • Building Estimates 

Our teams of certified estimators have plenty of experience in preparing cost estimates and budgets for building projects. Essential for any residential and or commercial projects. 

Due to accurate cost estimates, we can help more customers with bidding, budgeting, and project construction cost management. These estimates include the material, labor, and equipment costs and the takeoffs for the following major trades. A few projects contain a mixture of different types, such as 

  • Concrete, Masonry, Drywall, Steel, Lumber, Trims, Siding, Decking, Painting, Coatings, 

  • Flooring, Ceilings, Roofing, Millwork, Insulation, Flashings, Doors, Windows, Specialties, Signages, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, HVAC, Equipment, Conveying Systems

  • Furnishings, Earthworks, Landscaping, Utilities