We, Blaze Estimating, offer commercial estimating services for busy contractors. We ensure we provide accurate estimates for construction material takeoffs and construction estimates.

Commercial Estimating Services

Our commercial estimating includes estimates for contractors, developers, designers, and architects. Each contains a detailed breakdown of estimation for commercial construction projects.

We provide cost-effective prices for projects involving commercial and construction factors. Our cost estimating service for commercial and industrial projects includes preparing precise and detailed estimates, bid estimates, design estimates, and material and labor takeoffs. Whether it’s a new construction project, restoration, or renovation, we provide reliable estimates. Due to our teams of skilled construction estimators, we can prepare accurate and detailed estimates for busy contractors and clients. We provide commercial estimation services for

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Commercial Estimating Service For Contractors

These consist of material takeoff and labor pricing, provided to senior project managers through RSMeans software and historical data regarding material, material and labor costs, and equipment prices.

With our proven track record in providing precise estimates, several busy contractors can win projects, thus increasing business for such projects in the commercial industry. The project estimates contain comprehensive estimates with a list of item descriptions along with construction drawings and coloured marked-up plans.

Certified estimators provide a complete package for commercial building or construction projects. This allows contractors to prepare for bids, thus helping them win more project leads in the competitive market.

From bidding proposals to setting profit margins to a detailed breakdown. Containing bid reviews, notes, clarifications, exclusions, inclusions, and other related information to help you win projects.

Services for Commercial Estimating Contractors:

Bid Estimates and Assistance

Project Lead Generation

Subcontractor Marketing

For procurement, precise material & labor takeoffs

Change Order Management

Cold Eye Review

Project Scheduling and Cost Management

Value engineering

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Commercial Cost Estimates For Developers

In this modern construction industry, we provide conceptual estimates and commercial estimates. Our estimating team provides commercial estimating services for commercial developers. These services consist of preliminary and pre-construction estimating services only for commercial and residential projects.

Both are different. However, they consist of the same services, such as commercial and construction cost estimating. We analyze the projects using software and historical data to estimate services and commercial pre-construction estimates. Building professionals estimate plans aiming to give a better picture to the client.

Pre-construction Estimating Service For The Commercial Industry

Through the construction drawings, our estimators design phases for bid proposals for general contractors and subcontractors. Our commercial pre-construction estimates comply with providing the basis for planning proposals, getting loans, allocating funds, managing costs, and negotiating with contractors. 

Commercial Estimating Services for Designers & Architects

Our commercial estimation service includes the design phase and budget creation for designers and architects. In these projects, we engage with architects and designers, aiding them by analyzing and customizing the design parameters according to their client’s budget limits. We provide them with sample cost estimates throughout the design phase, including cost evaluations for various design alternatives.

This phase includes conceptual, schematic design, development, and construction document estimates. Through reviewing drawings and specifications, shedding light on errors, exclusions, and trade consistency. Thus avoiding additional costs or overruns in the later stage of the project. Keeping the budget and time in mind, helping commercial architects. Using the design development and schematic drawings, we create budget estimates during the design development phase. We are accurately estimated for any commercial project. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any benefits of construction estimating services & material takeoffs for commercial contractors?

Construction estimating services, expert construction cost estimators, and material takeoffs offer many benefits. Our estimating services involve civil and private construction projects for commercial building contractors. Our trade specialist estimators provide efficient sample estimates and material cost estimators.

Specializing in working with cost engineers for commercial buildings and various other projects. Projects include offices, retail centers, religious buildings, hospitals, hotels, etc.

A few projects consist of a mixture of residential and commercial projects. These construction projects can involve all three industries and may require different experts for different estimating services, such as commercial estimates and residential estimating services.

Why do civil projects require an outsourced commercial?

We prepare estimates to bid on a project so you can secure that contract. Our outsourced estimating services include a complete construction cost estimate, labor takeoff, and material takeoffs. Our accurate estimates for material and labor costs and cost projections provide all the information you require for bidding appropriately.

What is required to prepare commercial estimating services?

Using precise estimates for analysis, material takeoffs, and detailed construction cost estimates. Going over schematics, blueprints, and conceptual documentation.

Taking every detail into consideration in the documentation. With the combination of estimation services and software, the cost estimation for the project can begin. These estimating services help you win more bids and more projects. 

What do construction cost estimating services typically include?

For preparation, we require a mix of quality control in materials and labor, a list of required materials, and material takeoffs. This allows our professional estimators to shed light on cost savings and loss. Discussing in detail with our expert specialists. 

A list of material takeoffs would contain

    • Sitework

    • Concrete

    • Masonry

    • Structural Steel and metal framing

    • Carpentry & Framing

    • Painting

    • Thermal Insulation

    • Plumbing and much more…

Software used in commercial construction estimates?

For commercial construction estimating services and cost estimates, softwares as listed below, accurately estimates the materials and labor costs involved in a commercial project. Some evident estimating softwares include

  • Planswift

  • Bluebeam

  • Estimator360

  • Clear Estimates

  • BuildXact

  • Sage Estimating

  • Stack

  • Houzzpro