Blaze Estimating offers efficient blueprint estimating services. Our specialized blueprint estimators carefully analyze the construction project and provide our clients with exact estimations.

What Are Blueprint Estimating Services?

Efficient blueprint estimating services leverage the latest technology and experienced professionals to produce highly accurate construction material takeoffs quickly. These services help contractors and subcontractors bid more jobs in less time without sacrificing estimate precision.

Our experienced estimators carefully analyze your projects in blueprint estimating, reviewing each detail and relevant data the clients provide. We use the latest software to calculate the project’s estimations. 

Starting with the blueprint submitted by the clients, tools, and services like Blueprint and Plan Swift will be used to conduct virtual blueprint takeoffs on the screen. These programs take all the information supplied and then return a reasonable and doable cost estimate for the whole process. To provide solutions initially, the project estimates are based on ground realities: local prices at the site. Our engineers make educated guesses using knowledge, experience, and available information. Before the final deliverables, the primary estimator performs a final inspection to guarantee that all deliverables meet the client’s requirements. 

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Why Blaze Blueprint Takeoff Services?

With years of experience and knowledge, we only deliver the very best to our clients. With our fast turnaround time and accurate construction cost estimates, we ensure bids win, whether blueprints, project floor plans, building elevations, or other details.

Our blueprint estimate can do it all; send us the documents, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our skilled estimators have certification from the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE), the American Society of Professional Engineers (ASPE), and the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) for their blueprint estimate takeoff services.

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Our Blueprint Construction Estimating Services Worked With 

In our presage work of portfolio, we have gained some loyal and trustworthy clients. Through our precise estimation and blueprint takeoff services.

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Our Blueprint Takeoff Services Include:

  1. No need to buy expensive blueprint estimation software for your construction project.
  2. Train and hire professional staff for blueprint estimating.
  3. Avoid the additional costs of employing a full-time blueprint estimator.
  4. Improves your bid volume with exact cost estimates. With our help, you can start bidding on more projects and ultimately win more.
  5. Increases the volume of your bids. Through our assistance and blueprint takeoff services, bid on more jobs and eventually win more.
  6. Estimating efficiency can be enhanced, thus helping you increase your profit potential.
  7. Blueprint estimating service includes uncovering hidden differences between estimates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for blueprint estimates?

Our turnaround time is 24-48 hours; it may vary according to the projects.  

How do our blueprint takeoff services ensure accuracy?

Our team of expert estimators uses advanced technology, such as digital tools such as OST and Bluebeam, to ensure accuracy.

In which format are the blueprint estimating services deliverables?

Our blueprint estimating services deliverables in Excel sheet formats and PDFs are customized according to the client’s requirements. 

Which software is used by the employee for blueprint construction projects?

Our takeoffs and estimations use Planswift software, ensuring accuracy and saving customers time and money. 

What are the requirements for blueprint estimating services?

  • In the blueprint, we are looking for the following components, such as 

    • Elevation Drawings Of Each Side Of The Structure

    • Basement/Foundation Plan

    • Cross-section Drawings Of Structural Elements

    • Roof Plan

    • Plot Plan

    • Floor Plan

    • Footings And Bearing Walls Plan

    • Comprehensive Electrical Layout

How much does an estimating services project cost?

The project cost can only be determined once we have reviewed the drawings, size, and line items you want us to estimate. We should have project blueprints in PDF format for precise cost and an accurate estimate.

After reviewing the blueprints, we will send a document containing the exact estimate, including our service fees and turnaround time. We will proceed with the project when you accept the quotation.